Easing Pain, Restoring Balance, Promoting Well-Being!

Acupuncture is the ancient practice of inserting, or touching, fine needles at specific points for the purpose restoring energetic balance to mind, body, and spirit.  Through this process, the individual regains the ability to heal from within.  The focus of treatment is not on illness or symptom management, but rather on creating and maintaining health.

The first signs of improved health are an increased sense of well-being and improved sleep.  Symptoms may or may not disappear at once.  The effects of acupuncture are cumulative, each treatment building on the last.  As the body becomes accustomed to the improved flow of energy, healing accelerates.  Once health has been restored, regular wellness visits will help to maintain the healthy state.

The practice of Japanese acupuncture blends ancient philosophies with modern research.  Japanese needles, which are very fine, disposable, stainless steel, are inserted superficially, or sometimes just touching the skin, for the greatest benefit with the least discomfort.  Korean and Chinese methods are incorporated as needed for each individual.  The treatments are generally very relaxing.  Acupuncture may be used to safely treat people of all ages.


Signs of Health

Health is not merely the absence of sickness, but rather a state in which the whole organism is functioning at peak levels. Signs of health include:

Sense of well-being                           Refreshed sleep

Clarity of mind                                   Calmness

Adaptability                                        Sense of humor

Love of life